Thursday, May 28, 2009

I decided to keep this "thing" going another season. I have way to much fun using this as an excuse to watch the show over and over and search for pictures! Last season I began and ended with Bill. This second season I will try to be a little more open to all the other fun personalities and items that will be shown to us.

Name on the shirt of a male patron at Merlotte's who says to his wife: "You don't need any beers your butts as big as a barn" Of course he was under Maryann's influence at the time ----- I think.

I used to love comic books as a kid. However, it seems 28 year old men like 'em to! What was the name of the one Hoyt was reading to Jessica over the phone?

So here is one for all of you that like to pause and slow motion the show (like me). What is the number outside of Jason's barracks at the FOTS? By the way I saw this in Episode 4.

There was so much to see this the 3rd episode of the 2nd season,from the things on Fangtasia's wall,stuff in Eric's office,what is around Egg's neck and what kinda jeans was Jason wearing. I still had to go back to Merlotte's. What kinda beer was on tap?

We all loved to watch Bill shop for Jessica. However, I have to wonder if he is a little on the "frugal" side. What was the dollar amount on top of the rack of clothes he was perusing?

Carl, Maryann's butler/slave, interrupts a potential romantic scene between Tara and Benedict Talley "Eggs" (Have you seen this ones bod? Tara sure can pick 'em!) Carl offers them fresh towels. What type of towels are they?